My work is based on the idea of bringing into question photography as a truthful representation of subject, space and light in a particular moment. By means of various expressive solutions, which no longer have visible reality as a reference point, “other” dimensions reveal themselves to our gaze, those powers which reside beyond what is visible and which stem from the imagination.

Long and multiple exposures, movement and compositions are the instruments to communicate a subjective reality and alter the perception of space and time thus giving way to multiple interpretations.

The continuous experimenting draws photography closer to abstraction and to painterly results and distances the observers from the subject portrayed leading them to an immaterial world, a poetic one that already exists in their minds, in their perspectives and visions of the world. The space time upheaval of the image and the intensity of the photograph are commensurate to the emotion, which was triggered at the moment when the reading of the light took place.

My research takes on values of visual synthesis, where technique is an instrument that gives a voice to the infinite expressive possibilities, which reside in the human soul.